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Cathy Thomas - Personal Trainer

​Hello and welcome to Inspire Mind and Body! This is me, Cathy, and I am a registered Personal Trainer, Hypnotherapist, and Nutritional Advisor! I founded Inspire Mind and Body as I wanted to help people get fit, healthy and happy using my knowledge, skills, and most importantly, my own experience.

My Story

​It started with that moment where I knew I had to make a change. My “eureka moment” came to me whilst standing in the rather unkind, unflattering, bright lighting of a changing room mirror. I could barely recognise the person or the body in the reflection. Out of shape, I was heavier than I had ever been; I looked tired, drained and most of all, unhappy. This was my moment. I decided I had to take control and make myself the best possible ‘me’.

We are often so busy in our lives that we fail to look after the person that is often in dire need of some TLC – ourselves. The never-ending demands of work and family take their toll and we forget to make precious time for our own wellbeing and in the end this can lead to loss of confidence, anxiety and even depression.

My “moment” in the changing room mirror came at the end of a stressful, drawn out divorce. I had picked up some bad habits whilst trying to cope with the stress whilst looking after my three daughters. I was not taking care of myself, eating unhealthy food and drinking too much wine, too often. This had to change.

Life isn’t easy sometimes but if we are strong, positive and balanced in our approach, everything is just a bit easier and better. Positive actions such as looking after our bodies by eating well to give it the nourishment it needs, and being physically fit is a wonderfully addictive phenomenon. To feel energised, happy, positive and dynamic compared to where I was is the most wonderful, complete transformation.

Making the necessary changes isn’t easy, you need to make the time and take control, but having the right tools and support is so important to getting you there and that is where I can help. I am not some 20-something gym bunny (I’ve had three kids!), but I have been there, done it and I know it is possible to really change, feel amazing, energetic, happy and empowered.

Taking a holistic approach, and the understanding that this requires something more than a “one-size-fits-all” policy; I will help you become a stronger, fitter, happier and healthier you. By creating a dynamic plan tailor made to YOUR body goals, guides to nourish your body and the tools to transform your mind-set and encourage positive wellbeing that sustains your progress. I will work with you and support you, encourage you to become your absolute best.

Time to start the change, to take control and make it happen for you!


I have a BSc in Biochemistry and Physiology from St Andrews University, Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Exercise Fitness and Personal Training, National Guild of Hypnotists Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Nutritional Advisor.

Let’s Start the Journey…

Get in touch with any questions or enquiries – look forward to hearing from you!