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Healthy Green Soup

Boost your body, feel good and balance those blood sugars at any time of day with this homemade green veg soup, fabulous in Winter time.

Homemade Green Soup……..great at any time of the day!

Use any mixture pf green veg you have especially courgette, spinach, leeks, celery, onions, peas(frozen),kale. Add green lentils, cannellini or flageolet beans or a few chopped new potatoes. Lightly fry leeks, onions and courgettes in tablespoonful of sunflower oil. Add organic stock made from bouillon powder either chicken or vegetable, then add lentils or beans, cook for ten minutes gently then add peas / kale for further 5mins and lastly add spinach and turn off heat to just wilt it. Add any fresh herbs you have for additional flavour and season lightly with sea salt and black pepper. Whizz up and use over a few days from fridge or store in freezer in small individual portions. this can then be used to add to a protein based meal to provide healthy balanced but nutritious fast meal options.