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Project Description

Looking for a really healthy tasty very nutritious warming but different soup?! Try my roasted butternut squash, red pepper & carrot soup! It is delicious, packed with a healthy dose of anti-oxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, C, B & K, high in potassium, calcium, magnesium to name but a few! Also low in calories but filling and a perfect boost on a cold winters day at any time!

Served up here and photographed in a mug designed by my daughter, Emilie-Georgia, visit or facebook emiliegeorgiadesigns to see more of her wonderful designs and interior work.

Recipe for Butter Nut Squash, red pepper & carrot soup:

Simply roast a chopped and peeled butternut squash, drizzle with olive oil and 3 red peppers( deseed and skin when roasted), peel & chop up several carrots. ( I used different coloured baby carrots but you can use normal carrots or celeriac instead of carrots for a different flavour.It is very easy to make it thicker and more filling by adding a few baby potatoes to cook in the stock with carrots, while the butternut squash and peppers are roasting or even add some red lentils ( 50g) to thicken and add some protein, lots of variations are delicious!) Fry one large chopped red onion gently in little olive oil, then add all ingredients chopped up into a large pan. Add some fresh oregano and thyme, tsp paprika powder , season with black pepper and sea salt. Add 500ml organic vegetable or chicken stock of your choice then simmer for 20 mins. Whizz with a hand blender and serve. Enjoy!