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Cathy has helped me achieve my goals. Using the TRX I noticed results very quickly especially strengthening my lower back. I lost 11cm around my stomach within 3 months and I have lost over a stone in weight. I am now enjoying exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. As a consequence I feel better and have more energy to race after my kids! I would highly recommend using this plan!


Working with Cathy on the TRX has been life changing. My whole body is more toned and my core stronger than ever before. It has not only made me look and feel better but has also helped massively with the back pain I had suffered from for years. Her workouts are tough but always fun

Client Testiomonial - Joyce

Joyce Slater recent review Autumn 2018

Cathy Thomas’ holistic concept of looking after the wellbeing of the whole person has meant that doing her TRX exercises, having hypnotherapy for weight loss and her valuable nutrition advice allowed me to make positive lifestyle changes. In 6 months I lost 22kg (3½ stone), became stronger both mentally and physically and my vastly improved core strength has meant I am no longer troubled by the herniated disc in my back.

Vanessa’s Testimonial

“I met Cathy in July 2016 at my daughters summer fair….I was feeling rather desperate after having breast cancer and generally my life being totally affected by this. I had my own business dealing with luxury ethical products and a beautiful baby girl aged 11 months when I was told the news. The next 6 months were non stop operations, radiotherapy…I was a single mum so it was hard trying to keep all the plates spinning. Luckily I have an amazing mother and friend who all kicked in to support us. Things started to go terribly wrong after the radiotherapy, suffering with burns and my skin just peeling off! I couldn’t hold my baby or be a mother not in my head anyway! After many operations and therapy in the chronic pain department and the Bexerly hospital. I was left to start picking up my life again..I had to close my business which was the right decision as I need ed to love and look after my daughter. The problem was the medication made me feel like I was the walking dead! I had lost Vanessa now and it felt like nothing could bring her back! My left arm didn’t function and left part of my body was swollen and painful due to nerve damage.

Going back to the summer fair – I spoke to Cathy and that was hard but she got me straight away it was fantastic, she didn’t say poor you! In fact she said you can do this – get stronger, feel better about yourself and Vanessa will return 🙂
So we started working together very slowly, from movement to hypnotherapy, diet and nutrition, confidence, to liking myself again!
Some days we don’t do much if I’m having a bad day with pain. Sometimes we go for it working out in my lounge and I’m left laughing and inspired. Cathy is a one off she has such a lovely approach soft and kind…also she knows a lot so you can’t get away with anything! It costs money but money spent on health, mind and body is the best investment I have ever made, I feel so much stronger and fitter even though there is still work to be done.There has been a lot of tears and upset over the last 4 years, on so many different levels – never give up and believe yourself better.”

Elaine’s Testimonial

“Eight months ago ( April 2016), I set myself a challenge, a goal to look and feel the very best I could for my wedding in September. I wanted to be as fit as I could be and I wanted to feel the best I could. I knew I had to train and workout to achieve my aims but I wasn’t 100% on how to. So I sought the advice and services of Cathy, a Personal Trainer and hypnotherapist. I attended several kettle bell classes run by Cathy and then had a free consultation with her to discuss my goals so we could develop the best possible route to achieve them. I continued to attend KB classes but I also had 1 to 1 personal training sessions, where I was put through my paces. Cathy was always on hand to offer excellent professional advice and always offered positive encouragement. My personalised individual training plan soon started to take affect, after 3 weeks I started to notice a change in my body and also in my overall wellbeing. I dedicated to a minimum of 4 training sessions a week, sometimes more along with a varied and healthy eating plan and some hypnosis sessions for weight management and hormonal balance. Cathy has a great depth knowledge and I’m positive that without her expert, professional and friendly approach I would never have achieved my goals. Cathy has now become a very good friend and we continue to work together to help maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle, thank you. ”

Dereck and Alison’s Testimonial

“My husband and I were looking for a personal trainer and Cathy came highly recommended by a mutual friend who had achieved incredible results. After an initial consultation period Cathy worked with us to define our goals and to understand how best she can help us achieve them.

Using the wide range of services she provides we were able to settle into a routine which included hypnotherapy (to help deal with some personal challenges), nutritional learning, personality analysis, group gym classes and personalised PT sessions. Ideally we prefer to have PT sessions together as it is fun and something we can do as a couple (we like to see who can last the longest doing a plank!) however Cathy is flexible enough to allow us to fit our sessions around our needs and this is important as we are both working professionals.

The group classes are popular and are an important addition to the PT sessions as they help maintain your fitness throughout the week. The PT sessions are more personalised and we are both seeing great results after a few months of working with Cathy. My husband has struggled for years with poor posture and flexibility and Cathy has worked hard to help strengthen his core muscles. He also had shoulder surgery last year and Cathy knows the right time to push you hard but is also knowledgeable enough to work around any injuries or ailments you may have.

It was clear from the beginning that Cathy is genuinely passionate about helping her clients improve both mentally and physically but also to help instil a sustainable and achievable long term strategy rather than a short term quick fix. We are well on course to achieve our goals. A personal trainer is for the long term not just for Xmas!”

Derek & Alison

Val Jackson March 2017

“Ok so a month ago today I met an ‘old’customer Cathy for a coffee. This lady has inspired me and turned my life around. The following Monday 13th Feb she became my PT with support and encouragement I have lost 7lbs in weight 👍 2cm of my arms, 1cm of my thighs and a wopping 5cm from my waist !!!

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I can highly recommend 👍😏 thanks Cathy 😘 lets see what the next month brings!”

Joyce Slater, Harrogate

“If you want to change your attitude to life whatever your problems and become healthier and fitter then I recommend you give Cathy Thomas a call.

Cathy is unlike any other personal trainer I have ever used. Her holistic concept of looking after the wellbeing of the whole person, not just isolated fitness or hypnotherapy or nutrition advice is what I have been seeking all my life.

I am a woman in my early 60’s who has always struggled with my weight, being the typical yo-yo dieter. When I went on a diet (and I have tried all the usual ones) losing the weight quickly, but then putting the weight back on (and some more), before starting the cycle again some months/years later. When I hit the menopause at 54 all this changed and despite reducing my food intake and even ‘quitting sugar’ 3 years ago I was unable to lose more than a few pounds. Coupled with this was also the loss of muscle tone, a bad back caused by a herniated disc, shoulder issues and an obese BMI. Getting older was certainly looking very bleak.

All this changed in January 2017 when I was introduced to Cathy. Her positive motivation and expertise meant that even with my health issues I have always felt very safe exercising using the TRX and kettlebells whilst under her watchful eye. These personal training sessions coupled with hypnotherapy has meant I have lost over 22 pounds in just 10 weeks. I can honestly say it has been easy. I have never felt hungry (thanks to the hypnotherapy). They say laughter is the best medicine and I can certainly vouch for that, each personal training session has been such a giggle.

An added benefit has been the reduction in my BMI, blood pressure and more importantly my back is not causing me any problems as I have built up my core strength.

I can’t recommend Cathy highly enough, she is fantastic.”

Sarah Hendy

“I would highly recommend Cathy! Cathy has been a fantastic Personal Trainer, holistic therapist, nutritionalist, coach, TRX Buddy and Kettle bell instructor. (To be truthful the list of her inspiring commitment to you continues beyond that also!)

Due to me being very self conscious and gym shy I have always steered clear of exercise groups…classes…gyms & even the thought of been seen out & about in gym attire demotivates me…So just that alone has been a barrier for me when it comes to attempting to get fit and I knew I needed some support to get me motivated.

However Cathy did change all of that…by building up my confidence, motivation, fitness, overall health and wellness with nutritional advise, support & encouragement. Cathy has been committed to supporting me achieve my goals even when I found it a struggle & life has thrown a few barriers in the way. Cathy is dedicated and passionate about everything she does. Cathy listens and responds individually to you so her approach is bespoke, meeting your needs, your goals. I have had so many laughs along the way with Cathy too, even when I’v been feeling blue. Thankfully the hypnosis sessions and Cathy’s friendly face, support and encouragement has always moved me in the right direction. Thank you for doing what you do Cathy. This job was meant for you! x”

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