Include Balance Training in Your Workout

There are so many reasons you should include additional balancing exercises into your normal workout routine as you will reduce the chances of injury and improve muscle tone as it helps develop new neurological pathways and neuromuscular structures. This will in turn develop better joint stabilisation as more muscles are recruited in your exercise regime when your nerve pathways have been improved and this will have great benefits for your every day life

Balance training will:

  • Help strengthen and stabilise your knees, ankles, hips, and shoulders. This can help prevent a whole range of injuries including sprained ankles and knee problems especially if you play sport.
  • Challenge your nervous system, stimulates your brain and nerves as it activates new neurological pathways to activate your muscles as you get stronger.
  • Adds fun challenging variety to your workout routine and helps to prevent falls and injuries especially as we get older and improves your overall coordination in every day life.
  • Increase body awareness or proprioception which is your sense of how your limbs are oriented in space with movement,
  • Improves your core muscles as many stability exercises will work your abs and other core muscles.
  • Help reduce the risk of falls in older adults with balance problems and women with low bone mass.
  • Improve postural stability in many ways and is beneficial after a stroke.

I use balance training in various exercises with my clients using kettle bells and the TRX and have seen huge improvements in joint stabilisation and posture improvement. So have fun with one legged exercises!


Cathy is a qualified personal trainer, hypnotherapist and nutritional advisor. Working holistically with her clients to improve many aspects of their lives and produces great benefits and results.

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