New Hypnotherapy Review for client who suffered from stress and anxiety.

Thank you to one of my recent hypnotherapy clients for this review of how I have helped him so far. Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful tool to help people deal with whatever is affecting them, including anxiety, stress, phobias, weight loss and sleep.



I met Cathy on the back of a recommendation in early November 2017. I have a very full on committed day job as well as some time consuming voluntary commitments that are demanding, that several years ago caused a significant stress reaction. At that time I did not know what this was but I took ownership of it to understand what had occurred. I was suffering from significant stress and anxiety which can affect us all in many different ways and reactions – something I never believed until it happened to me. I am not someone who will go the doctors to be signed off – I was determined it was about finding a way through it. This is something I have managed but never really got on top of since then.

Cathy was recommended to me so we had a chat about hypnosis in the main and how this might help me, relax me and calm me down. This is something I have been sceptical about for all the ‘stories you hear’ and TV shows you watch. But, having now had three sessions with Cathy , nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the scepticism, I had an open mind to whether this could work so ‘embraced’ it, and I have to say I could not believe the impact of how more calm and relaxed I have become having had just 3 sessions of hypnotherapy. Let me say I am not in a permanent trance, nor do words trigger a trance in the middle of the street!! It has been more about helping me learn to be more relaxed and calm in what is a demanding life I lead (through choice). Even after one session, I could not believe the impact and was indeed quite staggered, and I have found myself more relaxed and calm, in undertaking parts of my day job that had hitherto been extremely demanding and stressful, than I had ever been able to be in many years. In addition, Cathy has a number of relaxation recordings designed to help you relax and sleep at night which I have tried and, again, if you embrace them, they do have an effect.

Now, I have only had 3 sessions, and am by no means ‘cured’ – I will be having some more sessions with Cathy to build on this, but at the same time, as an individual you have to embrace and own the help Cathy is giving you to get the result. But, if you do, you have nothing to lose by giving this a go – it has worked so far for me and I was a serious doubter, so whatever your personal matters or issues, the hypnotherapy route Cathy offers may indeed help you and I would recommend you try it.