8 Week Holistic Plan – Boost Your Happiness, Confidence and Wellbeing


If I can help you to feel happier, fitter, healthier, more energetic and balanced in all that you do then I will have achieved my goal with this plan!

I have put together this plan to inspire people into becoming a better version of themselves. Not just dealing with one part of you, like perhaps starting a specific diet, but dealing with your mind and body, helping you develop a healthy balanced lifestyle for the future!

  • Using my healthy balanced approach to eating and food you will feel the benefits including weight loss ( if that is your goal) more energy and overall confidence and wellbeing.
  • Using my hypnotherapy recordings for weight loss and relaxation, you will not only learn to relax more, but it will also help you have a healthier relationship with food and eating to help weight loss or just generally healthier sustainable nutrition.
  • Using my TRX starter workout videos plan (includes 19 different moves) three times a week for just 30 minutes at home or in a gym will give great results. I have put this basic simple exercise plan together, as so many people tell me they can never remember what exercises to do with this brilliant piece of fitness kit! I highly recommend TRX suspension training. I use it with all my clients of all ages and abilities, including those who are rehabilitating from injury, illness or operations. It provides support for your body while you exercise and whilst you gain strength and balance. Strengthening your core muscles this way will protect you from back pain and injury during sport!If purchasing a TRX to use at home then see their product information for ways of using it/ attaching it in suitable locations.

Life can be challenging, incredibly busy and difficult to find that all important ‘me’ time to make real progress. With my holistic plan, in just 8 weeks you will see and feel a great difference in your fitness, nutrition, relaxation and balanced living.

So thank you for looking, let’s get started!

PLEASE NOTE: This package contains a video and depending on your internet connection speed may take a while to download. A YouTube link will also be sent to you for instant access after purchase.

Disclaimer:As with any exercise programme, please ensure that you are physically capable of performing any of these TRX workout moves.Watch the videos carefully as they show how to perform each move and build up your strength and number of moves you do gradually if you need to. If in doubt consult your doctor for any aspect of your physical fitness before you start an exercise programme. I am not responsible for any personal injury or damage incurred whilst using your TRX or exercise programme.


Here’s what some of my clients have said about working with me and the TRX:

Cathy has helped me achieve my goals. Using the TRX I noticed results very quickly especially strengthening my lower back. I lost 11cm around my stomach within 3 months and I have lost over a stone in weight. I am now enjoying exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. As a consequence, I feel better and have more energy to race after my kids! I would highly recommend using this plan!” – Debbie

“Cathy Thomas’ holistic concept of looking after the wellbeing of the whole person has meant that doing her TRX exercises, having hypnotherapy for weight loss and her valuable nutrition advice allowed me to make positive lifestyle changes. In 6 months I lost 22kg (3½ stone), became stronger both mentally and physically and my vastly improved core strength has meant I am no longer troubled by the herniated disc in my back.” – Joyce Slater

“Working with Cathy on the TRX has been life-changing. My whole body is more toned and my core stronger than ever before. It has not only made me look and feel better but has also helped massively with the back pain I had suffered from for years. Her workouts are tough but always fun!” – Kate


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