This Sleep hypnotherapy recording by Catherine Thomas will help you get to sleep and get back to sleep if you waken up. The soothing hypnosis background music by Christopher Lloyd Clark will enhance this whole relaxation experience.
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The best possible description for this product are the reviews from people that have benefited from using the Sleep recording.It really can help you learn how to relax deeply and sleep well. The reviews from customers below say it all.

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Kate Bradshaw, Harrogate
Sleep recording: In recent years, I have really struggled with my sleep, both in dropping off and in waking regularly – sometimes feeling as if I have been awake all night. This recording has helped me hugely. Cathy’s soothing voice and use of simple, yet effective imagery has helped me drop off to sleep once within minutes of finishing listening to the recording and twice since before reaching the end! (I haven’t needed to use it recently as I am now falling asleep easily and sleeping more deeply throughout the night, but love that I have it to use whenever I may need it in future).

Gerry Fallon reviewed Inspire Mind and Body Fitness — 5 star
September 22 at 8:04am · Have recently listened to ( or tried to) Cathy’s sleep tape, still not heard how it ends as I fall asleep after a few minutes. Works a treat…

Simone Ladha, Harrogate wrote:
I have struggled to sleep peacefully for many years.I usually woke up 4 or 5 times a night. After trying Cathy Thomas’s sleeping recording just once I slept better.
When I did wake up I just replayed her sleep recording and I went back to sleep again.
I would definitely recommend it. Anything is worth trying when you are permanently sleep deprived.
Thank you Cathy,


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