TRX Advanced level live online classes: four class block


TRX Fast blast advanced workout! A great way to efficiently improve your fitness and strength using the straps to help boost your heart rate and your body weight in a full body strength based workout includes a short warm up and finishes with some stretching to improve flexibilty and injury prevention.



This advanced level live class will be a fast blast for an hour twice a week to really up your workout level and challenge your fitness and strength. It will be suitable for people that have a good general level of fitness and core strength and know how to use TRX with good technique, although I will be giving guidance all the way through the class. It will involve doing repeat sets of certain groups of exercises to really up the intensity and get your heart rate up!

If you need to learn how to use a TRX, I would suggest you do my basic level class first for at least a week. I will do a short warm up and a stretch section at the end of each class.

Please be aware that you are totally responsible for your own safety and injury prevention within your own space. Inspire Mind and body fitness cannot accept any responsibility for any accidents or injuries during these classes. Please ensure you have a clear space to exercise in and the TRX securely attached to the wall, door, post or tree etc using the TRX installation instructions. Any questions please just ask! I will do my best to help.


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