TRX basic introduction videos

TRX basic introductory video

This is a basic introductory TRX workout for you to try with me doing the workout with you, to show you exactly what to do and explaining as I go along. I am going to create a few workouts like this one working in different ways to give people more of an idea of what they can do with a TRX at home or in their garden. It is a great way to increase the level of your workout to a strength based one without the need for heavy weights and machines in the gym. Soon I will be offering live online sessions to show people how to get the most out of using their TRX at home, as well as more intense advanced sessions to really challenge your fitness.❤️TRX So get one and make it happen!A great way to evolve your body in a positive way while we are all stuck at home!! TRX Training UK

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This basic TRX introduction will help show you how you can use the suspension training straps to really up the level of your workout at home. I show and explain your technique and show you some exercises that will get you started. You will improve your fitness, as this strength based training is very effective without the need for heavy weights or machines at the gym.